Unix System Administration

MindWorksDev can provide extensive and exhaustive unix system administration for any company’s needs. We have almost 20 years’ experience working on and administering Solaris, Linux, and BSD operating systems, including service configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and capacity analysis. We’ve designed and managed high-traffic web services, massive multi-terabyte drive arrays and databases. We can work with your existing servers, sys admins and developers to better utilize your existing configuration and enhance application performance, or we can help you architect a new robust and scalable server structure from the ground up.
We can handle all your basic sys admin responsibilities such as configuration, monitoring, automation and troubleshooting. We can manage all your core functions for you: DNS (Bind), Apache/Nginx/lighttpd, databases, SSH, SMTP/POP/IMAP (Sendmail/Postfix/qmail), including managing Spam (procmail, milters, SpamAssassin, etc). We can custom configure and tune your LAMP stack specifically to your requirements. We can also set up monitoring and profiling for processes and services using tools such as Nagios, Cacti, etc. We can manage physical servers (remotely using KVM) as well as cloud configurations.  We are also well-versed all the unix tools necessary for a unix sys admin: bash, awk, sed, Perl, etc.
We can recommend, configure, upgrade and repair your cloud computing environments like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, AppFog and others. In addition, we can help you with web services such as Amazon S3.
We can also handle more advanced administration tasks that require deep knowledge and understanding of Unix internals and protocols such as TCP/UDP, on up the stack to HTTP and SSL. We have experience in architecting large server systems and clusters that are scalable and redundant. We can build software-based load balancing or implement/manage hardware-based solutions such as BIG-IP or Coyote Point, all to fit your budget. We’re also capable of kernel and tcp stack tuning and debugging.
Need help finding the bottleneck? We can analyze your existing configuration and help you figure out where the problem is and how to fix it. Thinking about buying some new equipment and need help determining what’s best for you? We can help you evaluate your needs and recommend products that will meet those needs.
Bring us on to solve one single aggravating problem or manage your enterprise long-term with an ongoing contract.