Things I Have Done

  • [current project] – all servers hand-built and live (in production) with little documentation and almost no technical personnel for assistance with software installed in non-standard manner; catalog all existing server and software configs and settings; setup Ansible scripts to replicate entire software stack : java7 applets doing video/audio streaming, xmpp/jabber signaling via openfire, rtmp reflectors, hazelcast, mongodb, java/scala API via play; update API code (java/ant/maven) as needed; establish standardized deployment process for new servers, new code; Zabbix for monitoring; adapt existing architecture to scale better for extremely bursty traffic using haproxy and ELB ec2 clusters (client, api, rtmp) and dynamodb, with rabbitmq for expensive operations like new user creation (500-1000 users per second peak)
  • – built a Laravel-based SAAS website and REST API that converted uploaded Word documents or PDFs via Gearman into HTML/CSS, and served them securely to an AngularJS+Phonegap iOS app; environment was load balanced EC2s using split read/write; staging and production setups were mirrored using Ansible. Laravel code was unit-tested (approx 50% coverage). REST API was served via a Laravel Artisan command (using Ratchet library, managed by supervisord), operating over websockets for optimal performance. Website based on Bootstrap, used CKEditor; FlotJS for analytics graphs. Built and submitted iOS app to App Store. Also completed an initial nodejs/express/passport version of the REST API.
  • – project was to take an off-the-shelf ecommerce package (CS Cart) and scale it to thousands of stores as a SAAS-like business; things that were done: establish a local > qa > staging > production devops workflow for multiple developers, change file-based templates to database for scalability, built Laravel-based “scaffolding” admin code to use existing CS Cart database structures/data with more efficient templates and UI/UX for managing large numbers of stores; improved page load speed by caching SQL statements and implementing split read/writes for horizontal scalability; managed several CSC-specific developers while getting up to speed on the codebase myself
  • – embedded a Magento cart (using app/Mage.php) into a WordPress site
  • Designed/coded a PHP-based PCI DSS-compliant credit card/ACH/EUdebit billing system that handled multiple merchant accounts and multiple processing gateways; the system could multiplex new and recurring transactions through any interface, had automatic transaction failover; included admin management, customer service management, and client-side customer self-support with an integrated custom trouble ticket system
  • Designed/coded a PHP-based complete affiliate marketing tracking system, tracking inbound clicks, displaying both admin and affiliate stats/graphs, payout reports, and more
  • Designed and coded an email marketing system handling 800k+ emails that sent out subscriber-personalized html/text emails with open/bounce/click/unsubscribe and a/b tracking that interfaced with the affiliate program for campaign management and the content management system; dealt with reputation management, bypassing spam filters, SPF/DKIM, and other delivery
  • Designed/coded a custom multi-site, multi-lingual CMS built on templates integrated with the custom billing system
  • Designed, built and managed a colocated rack of 15+ servers, including multiple Coyote Point load balancers, multi-node fault-tolerant web farm of Solaris Apache servers; sendmail; bind; established policies for patching, security reviews, backups, firewalls.