Email Deliverability and Management

MindWorksDev has comprehensive experience in email deliverability and email marketing management, from building email delivery software systems to tracking and monitoring email deliverability to tracking email marketing productivity.

We have designed custom hosted high-volume email delivery software that delivers dynamic personalized html/text messages, track open/bounce/click/unsubscribe status via email analytics, and interface with affiliate tracking software to help you determine who your truly valuable customers are.

We also have extensive experience in inbox deliverability optimization – making sure emails sent actually make it into the inboxes of your opt-in customers. This delivery optimization can and should be applied to email newsletters, direct mail and transactional email.  We’ve worked with email whitelisting companies, set up Sender Policy Frameworks (SPF), Sender ID, DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), automated ISP email feedback loops (FBL), conducted content assessment by testing samples against filters such as SpamAssassin and SpamBayes, CAN-SPAM compliance, reputation management and more.

We’re also capable of managing and marketing large-scale lists, having previously administered lists ranging from 800K to 4M-6M active emails. This involved small-scale a/b testing of subject and design, segmenting lists, yield analysis, and return-on-investment from marketing expenses.

Let us help you with your email deliverability and management today!