About MindWorksDev

MindWorksDev is a unix, webdev, marketing and technical consulting company in Seattle and San Diego that is dedicated to finding the right solutions for our customers.

We specialize in designing, implementing and managing large ecommerce websites with the most modern technologies, and we have extensive experience in helping clients with existing websites to increase traffic and improve conversions, capturing as many different revenue streams as possible. In essence, improving traffic productivity.

Please visit our services page to learn how we can with your with your web development, marketing and information technology needs.

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Eric Anderson has been working with computers since he was 10 years old, starting with an original IBM PC-1 8088 in 1981. Mostly self-taught, he started learning Unix by compiling Minix in 1992 and has grown to become a Sr Unix Sys Admin, programmer, and web developer. He has worked in the E-commerce industry since 1996 and has learned how to design, implement and manage large-volume websites. He has been involved in all aspects of ecommerce, from unix sys admin to web development to marketing and ecommerce.